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Science » 6th Grade » Animal Unit & Research Paper

Animal Unit & Research Paper Animal Unit & Research Paper


  • What effect do environmental stimuli have on physical responses in animals?
  • Identify the structures and their primary functions for food obtainment, movement, and defense.
  • Compare the structures of vertebrates and invertebrates.

Ultimate PowerPoint

Student Study Guide



 pdf Animal Unit PowerPoint in PDF Form.pdf (PDF 5.52 MB)


*Thanks to Pam Lesley of F.M.S. for developing the PowerPoints and Study Guides.

* Thanks to Jeanette Johnson of F.M.S. for the vocabulary, some activities and many other materials. 

* P.L.-Items created by Pam Lesley  J.J.-Items created by Jeanette Johnson  M.M.-Mary Massey  

Quarter 4

Lesson Plans

Handouts (weekly vocabulary, worksheets, labs, etc)

Week 1

pdf Animal Vocabulary Week 1.pdf (J.J)
doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)
This is the standard template used for every lab. Each lab will be followed up with a graph to plot and analyze the data.
pdf Animal Unit PowerPoint in PDF Form.pdf (PDF 5.52 MB)

Week 2


Click here to view the internal anatomy of an earthworm!

pdf Animal Vocabulary Week 2.pdf (J.J)
ppt Chapter 4 (ppt file)
doc File workbook p.27-28.doc (doc file)  

doc File Worm Behavior Lab Report.doc (P.L.)
doc File Worm Movement Lab Report.doc (P.L.)
doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)
This is the standard template used for every lab. Each lab will be followed up with a graph to plot and analyze the data.

Week 3

pdf Animal Vocabulary Week 3.pdf (J.J)

ppt Chapter 4 (ppt file)
doc File Insect Metamorphosis Lab Report.doc (J.J.)  
mp3 File 17550_Vertebrates.mp3 (mp3 file) "Mammals, Amphibians, Birds, Fish and Reptiles --Vertebrates" Song
mp3 File Backbone.mp3 (mp3 file) "I Have a Backbone" Song
ppt File AnimalKingdomOverviewPowerPointLessonPla.ppt (ppt file)
pdf Animal Research Pages (P.L.)
doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)

The Backbone Song is password protected. Click here and use the password you were given in class.

Week 4

pdf Animal Vocabulary Week 4.pdf (J.J.)

doc File Lab Report Blank Template.doc (P.L.)
This is the standard template used for every lab. Each lab will be followed up with a graph to plot and analyze the data.

Week 5

Animal Review 



ELA Animal Research Paper Requirements



  Due Dates and Hyperlinked Expectations/Examples

Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting 


 Assignment Rubric

  MLA Note Cards Rubric


Science Class Research

 Endangered Animal List (P.L.)

 PowerPoint Slide Storyboard (M.M. and Mary Heflin)


Animal Facts Research Form (P.L.)  Animal Research Rubric (P.L.)

 Animal Research Pages
pub Directions for making a brochure in Microsoft Publisher (J.J.)
pub Animals Brochure Template in Publisher (J.J.)

  Animal PowerPoint Blank Template (M.M.)

This is the template to use for your animal research PowerPoint. After you have worked on your PowerPoint you need to save it with your first and last name like this: JohnDoe.ppt and place it in the Massey folder on the T:drive. If you are saving it at home, you will need to bring it on your thumb drive/jump drive or email it to me. If you are doing this, do not wait to the last minute to do so. We will be working on these for only two days at school and they will be officially due by Friday November 20th.


A few helpful websites:



Pretend you are a lawyer, you need to give your opening statement (thesis) and present your case for your animal, then you need to help the jury (audience) get to know your animal and what makes them so special (background: its structures for survival, responses to external/internal stimuli) after they fall “in love” with your animal, then you need to pull on their heartstrings and let them know the animal rights issue that is causing it to become extinct.  Then you will be able to conclude, much like a lawyer does in his final appeal to the jury to plead for his client.  Your client is YOUR ANIMAL, so fight for him/her and don’t let them down!




Click here to view this page in html


Click here to print


 Poster/handout (M.M.)


Summarizing  (M.M.)

Paraphrasing (M.M.)

Quoting (M.M.)

Click here to see how to set up your science journal:
Grading Scale
A= 93-100 %
B= 85-92 %
C= 77-84 %
D= 70-76 %
F= 69 % and below

 Directions for viewing your science book online. 


Create a Graph 

Multilingual Dictionary (Includes Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and much more)

Making Foldables:

Language Arts
Foldables® For Books
Social Studies
Unified Arts
Test Prep
Cross Curricular
Other Foldables®


*Ask your teacher if you can make a foldable with something you are studying for extra credit.

Dead Snake found in Fort Myers by the abandoned water treatment plant.

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