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Click and Teach It » Rock & Rhyme Math

Rock & Rhyme Math Rock & Rhyme Math

Rock and Rhyme Math Songs and Raps

for Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd Grade

by Marie Moore



Rock & Rhyme Math (Math Songs/Raps for Pre-K, Kindergarten 1st, and 2nd) Interactive Songs.

  • NCTM Standards-Based Songs
  • Lesson Plans
  • Activity Sheets
  • Song Lyrics for Shared Reading
  • Ideal for Word Work/Word Walls

Can be purchased in one of two ways:  

Rock & Rhyme Math-Teachers Pay Teacher's Storefront


1.  Online for direct download
2.  By Disc: Includes 2 discs:  1st Disc Lesson Plans and Song Lyrics/2nd Disc Music for all 12 Songs

Rock & Rhyme Math is a classroom tested teaching resource from seasoned teacher Marie Moore, that integrates music, dance and math to enhance the curriculum.  These standards-based songs are designed to correlate with the NCTM Standards and help to increase standardized test scores.  This interactive CD is easy for teachers and parents to use in their classroom or home.  Rock & Rhyme Math provides songs that rhyme to help the young learner reinforce the skills needed to meet national math standards.  

Rock & Rhyme Math contains the following Songs (click song to hear a sample):

1.  The Addition Slide mp3 Sample Track 1 The Addition Slide (mp3 file)

2.  Together We Add mp3 Sample Track 2 Together We Add (mp3 file)

3.  Rap Your Numbers mp3 Sample Track 3 Rap Your Numbers (mp3 file)

4.  Tick Tock Around the Clock mp3 Sample Track 4 Tick Tock Around the Clock (mp3 file)

5.  Dollar Holler Man mp3 Sample Track 2 Dollar Holler Man (mp3 file)

6.  Funny Money mp3 Sample Track 6 Funny Money (mp3 file)

7.  Rock & Jive by 5's  mp3 Sample Track 7 Rock & Jive by 5's (mp3 file)

8.  Montharena mp3 Sample Track 8 Montharena (mp3 file)

9.  Place Value Song mp3 Sample Track 9 Place Value Song (mp3 file)

10. The Subtraction Family mp3 Sample Track 10 The Subtraction Family (mp3 file)

11. The Subtraction Family Reprise(music only)

12. Days of the Week mp3 Sample Track 12 Days of the Week (mp3 file)

*This CD is dedicated to God who has blessed our lives in so many ways.  Thanks to the commissioned musicians: Russell & Kristi Johnson, Mike Rogers, and Judy Dozier.

Rock & Rhyme Math has purchased all copyrights to these popular songs and has 100% authentic legality to use these songs.  A portion of proceeds are paid directly to the originators of the songs.

Song #1 The Electric Slide-Tafari Music Publishing.

Song #4 Rock Around the Clock-Capano Music Publishing.

Song #8 Macarena-Warner Chapel Music Publishing.

Song #10 Adams Family Theme by Vic Mizzy.

Published by Unison Music

Administered by Next Decade Inc.

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